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A collection of blog entries from out team....

Rising middle schoolers!!

Where has the time gone!!! I met many of these children 4 years ago and now they’re graduating from elementary to the middle school!! I think even Alex is shocked 😂😂😂😂! I’m so proud of them and the middle schoolers … Continue reading

Immigration Session

Monday night members of the local Hispanic churches gathered together at the Moriah Association for a time of prayer and discussion of current events that affect them every day! A representative from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services along with...

Our Jerusalem <3

The kids and I made a map of the trailer park that is served through The Connection ministry.... 180 mobile homes! Men, women, and children of multiple cultures that God loves. He has chosen to demonstrate his love for them by providing a mission outpost for the local...

A light in the darkness

God allowed me to see something beautiful today. There’s a girl here that was homeless, sleeping in her car and with no food. A sweet lady from the local church provded clothes and other items that she and her son … Continue reading

God hears our cries

A mothers heart in our community was broken today when her son took his life. She didn’t see it coming and never imagined this would happen. But God heard her cry and he gathered his church to sit with her … Continue reading

Change of plans

Our original plans today were canceled due to very bad weather! So instead, we colored, we painted nails, brushed hair, tickled, laughed… and we loved. We closed the day with a lovely bedtime story. Due to the 73 degree weather … Continue reading

The Big Family ❤

There’s no words to describe the reunion today with the children at Greenfield Children’s Home! To say it felt like I had returned home is an understatement! It is a pleasure, a joy, and an honor to be able to … Continue reading

And we’re off!

A 2:30am call means so many things… many times worry and fear… but not this time… This time it was a green light. All supplies and donations have been double checked, packed, and weighed. Flights have been checked in… and … Continue reading

Connecting Crosses

If pictures could speak, this first one would sum up our whole day! It was organized chaos but it was a blessed day! Crosses were picked from local churches to purchase Christmas gifts for our neighbors at Countryside. And they … Continue reading

A sneak peek…

A sneak peek…. Saturday is a very special day in the ministry at Countryside! It is a time when in 1 day our neighbors will receive gifts for Christmas through direct contact with local Christians. There will be sharing of … Continue reading

His Holy Plan

It’s interesting how in living in Buford for 20 years God prepared me for this mission field at Countryside… I think absolutely nothing of hearing gunshots tonight! Then I’m reminded, they are shooting at each other and not deer! And … Continue reading

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